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     Welcome + Note

Hello + Welcome!

I am so happy to finally launch IRRADICANT, an online arts writing collaborative and learning space. 

As a Masters student studying art history, I believe that being able to apply for and financially support higher education is an immense privilege. Accessibility to education and resources is important and not necessarily bound to the institution. IRRADICANT aims to provide accessibility to resources and promote conversations around art and community building.

IRRADICANT’s team consists of six core members. 
Gemma Cirignano, Sofia Ohmer, Barbie Kim, Madi Shenk, and myself included are editors and Rin Kim is our designer. 

Together, we work to release exhibition reviews, artist interviews, articles, and book reviews monthly. 

I’m excited for what our little community can accomplish together.

                                                                          Milly Cai